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About Us

In the beginning...


"The first thing I did when got I my driver's license was go to the woods and pick muscadines so Grandmother Vic and I could make wine!"

                               Scott O Galbreath, Jr , founder

Old South Winery, Natchez, MS, was founded in 1979 by Scott O Galbreath Jr, DVM, and his lovely wife, Edeen.  Dr. Galbreath, Doc, remembers helping his Grandmother Vic make muscadine wine when he was a teenager; right across the street from the winery's present location! Doc and his favorite cousin, Louise, went to the woods, shook the vines and brought their juicy bounty home to learn at the feet of their German grandmother.


Many years later, Doc decided to drink wine for his health and remembered how good Grandmother Vic's muscadine wine tasted. Edeen encouraged him to start another career in the city and come home from the farms, so they decided to open a winery that specialized in muscadine wines. They continued to operate the winery by themselves for 16 years, with occasional help from various family members - whether they wanted to help or NOT

We are sad to announce the deaths of our founders, 

     Dr. Scott Galbreath, Jr     Edeen H Galbreath

        Dec. 26, 1924 - Oct. 22, 2017         Mar 16, 1928 - Mar 25, 2018


Tradition continues...

As is true with most things in life, changes occurred over the years. The family matured, children married and moved away, so that Doc & Edeen were left with running the business by themselves for a few years.


Then, in 1995, two of the Galbreath children decided to move back home: Diane (2nd daughter) and Scott, III (youngest and only son) Over the next few years, both Diane and Scott found their special niches in working at Old South. Scott became the winemaker and owner (2006) and Diane became the trusty manager and advisor (Scott says she's his administrative assistant)
Scott, III, grew up helping his dad, Doc, make wine from the time he was old enough to  pick a muscadine from the vine! Doc was a smart dad, waiting until Scott came home from grade school to work on the wine or to bottle wine. In that way, Scott learned how to make wine the old school method, learning from a Master! He honed his winemaking skills over the years, through experience and education, to become the outstanding winemaker for Old South Winery.
Diane, too, has helped throughout the years, coming home each harvest season to assist since 1979. Her skills as a writer and editor were used to develop handouts and letters for the winery by long distance! Knowledgable in the art of winemaking, her talents have been better used to organize and sell the business and in the every day operation of the winery. She has provided valuable input into many aspects of growing the business.
Mississippi Educational TV produced a special episode on Old South Winery in 1999, named "Taste of the Old South." You can go to YouTube.com and watch that video.   
       CLICK HERE for the video

Building a Future

Scott's children love to help at the winery. Scotty IV, Dylan, Lane, and Juliana are likely to roam the facility any day of the week. They're wonderful assets today, and the future winemakers of tomorrow.


Harvest season is especially exciting for the kids. Go to school during the day, work (play) at the winery at night!

  • Scotty joined us full-time in August 2016 as our sales rep and general assistant, following graduation from college. Prior to 2016 he was a forklift driver, press operator and all 'round helper. Now, he's most valuable as a stand-in for his dad, the winemaker. He has worked with his dad since 2006. So, the 3rd generation of winemakers has started.

  • Dylan works for Old South as an assistant to his dad and brother. He's next in line to drive the forklift and assist with the press. But, Dylan has additional duties drying the skins and seeds for our nutritional supplement, NewU.

  • Lane, attending college, is our crushing specialist - he's had that position since he was 3. When you're on the crusher, you're the closest to the fruit and juice action. He also helps drive the forklift and dry the skins and seeds for our nutritional supplement, NewU.

  • Juliana, attending college, is our yeast specialist and crush assistant, she's also pretty good at swatting bees!


Things are always hopping around Old South Winery between customers and our large extended family. You see, running a family owned winery is not just about business, it's a business mixed up with family!


Scott has exciting plans for the future to advance our wines and food products, plans which always consider the wants of our dedicated and faithful customers. We hope you'll make regular visits to the facility to sample the wines and buy it fresh right here. Thank you so much!!!