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Our Wines

Back in 1979, the Mississippi state wine consultant advised Dr. Galbreath to make mostly dry wines, "nothing sweeter than semi-sweet!"
What a horrible mistake for a winery in the Deep South, home of sweet tea and Coca Cola! It's a good thing Dr. Galbreath was smarter than that consultant.
The first wines offered by Old South Winery were dry to semi-dry, but our enthusiastic customers demanded sweeter wines (in a nice, Southern way, of course)
"If we're going to stay in business, we better make sweet wine!" Doc was often heard to say.
So he did!
Old South Winery now offers 9 muscadine wines in red, white, and rose' in varying sweetness levels, from dry to lightly sweetened, in addition to one blueberry wine.
"We redefine what is sweet wine!"
You will notice that all of our wines have a very fruity taste. We choose not to age them in wooden barrels, using stainless steel instead. For thousands of years wine was made in clay jars or amphoras and tasted like fruit. The process of aging in barrels is purely optional and a relatively new technique (from the 1400's as best I have determined), yielding wine that does not taste like fruit, but a tree!
We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by our fruity wines.