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Muscadine Grapes


Muscadines are a late summer treat for those of us fortunate enough to live in the coastal southeastern United States.


Growing your own muscadines can be quite rewarding, your vines will be producing a nice crop starting in the 3rd year after planting. Be prepared to give up about 5 feet by 15 feet of land for each vine and set up irrigation for your plants.
There are hundreds of different types of muscadines, in different colors. So, you may want to go to an experiment station in the Southeastern USA to sample some or to a local U-Pick operation. Remember that harvest season is generally August - September, depending on how near the coastline they're located.
Your local county agent can provide you with information on what grows best in your area.
And, don't forget
www.youtube.com. Much video has been posted to explain the viticulture of muscadines.
Good luck!!