Old South Winery

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Using Muscadine Wines in Foods

Old South Winery offers a wide selection of wines so that you can find one to fit any recipe that calls for wine. 

Try Carlos or Southern Belle with chicken dishes. Dry Noble, Natchez Rouge, and Sweet Noble for beef dishes. Miss Scarlett and Bayou Blush work wonders with pork and duck! Sweet Magnolia and Blue Bayou are perfect poured over fruit, for a light dessert, or with pound cake. 

Our white and rose' wines make wonderful coolers when added to fruit juice or punch. A refreshing spritzer can be made by adding Sprite, 7-Up, or gingerale to wine. Old South wine adds a pleasant punch to punch! 

As a rule, wine adds flavor to your food and can tenderize meats. If you question whether a wine will be good in a dish, open a bottle and smell it as you lean over the simmering food. If they smell good together, then add some to your dish!

Check back with our website yearly as we will add new recipes.

Enjoy Old South Wines for any and all occasions!